Leda Dietetics is built to ensure you are getting the very best dietetic advice and management through our training specialists.

Eating Disorders

At LEDA we have practitioners specifically dedicated to eating disorder management. Our team of specialists have over 20 years of cumulative clinical practice and research in this area. Eating disorders, including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, EDNOS,  AN/BN with diabetes, Sports ED and binge eating disorders are devastating conditions and require considerate and expert management to ensure adequate treatment and management.

Our mission is to ensure all ED’s are treated equally and individually we aim to restore healthy weight, body satisfaction and ability to eat normally and safely again. Additionally we have a list of reputable other medical and allied health practitioners that we work closely with to ensure a complete multidisciplinary approach when needed.

A Healthy Weight

Weight management is naturally a key focus for our practice. With the many mixed messages in today’s overwhelming weight/food focused society it is difficult to know how to effectively manage your weight and maintain your ‘natural’ body weight. At LEDA we provide all the correct scientific information on how to best achieve your weight goals within your lifestyle parameters. We will guide you through the process to ensure NO MORE DIETS are started and then ceased again!


Leda is a specialist diabetic practice, we have dietitians that have extensive clinical practice and research within this area. Whether it is type 1,2, pre diabetes or gestational our dietitians focus intensely on this area. Specifically we specialise in weight reduction for prevention, blood glucose management through diet and exercise, carbohydrate counting for insulin pump therapy and sports specific management of type 1 diabetes.

Sports High Performance Nutrition

Ingrid is a senior sports performance dietitian. She has been working in elite sports for several years, and has a passion for helping both elite and amateur athletes achieve their sporting ambitions, including those aspiring for international/national success. Leda dietitians currently consult to a large number of athletes, including individual athletes with Olympic aspirations as well as professional team sport athletes that include St Kilda Football Club and Racing Victoria. We specialise in both male and female sport.

Our focus remains with using the latest scientific information to help athletes achieve their best. We delivers this through a number of innovative mediums to ensure athletes we work with can focus on what works, leaving the hype associated with the latest dietary fad for others to worry about. Whatever your goal we will ensure you meet this and beyond. Full body composition assessments available at request.


At leda we are lucky enough to have highly skilled dietitian’s with years of fertility nutrition experience and good affiliation with gynaecologist/ obstetrics/ IVF fertility specialist/ male and female fertility/ mid wives etc. We specialise in both prenatal, perinatal and post natal nutrition. In addition PCOS, gestational diabetes and pregnancy in diabetes is also one of our specialities. We use the latest nutritional science medicine to implement the right strategies to get your body in the best physical health possible.